Sunday, April 3, 2011

Title IX Inspiration

What is Title IX??

So what about it??

Title IX Gender and Education

This video really stuck out to me on a personal level.  First off, I had the pleasure of meeting Dot Richardson this year down in Florida over spring break.  She runs the annual softball tournament for college teams that RIC goes to.  She is the most down to earth person you can meet with the knowledge and background far beyond what I can explain.  Everything she says in this video I find exceptionally true. 
First, she talks about why would women do something if we need a disguise to do it?  I actually connected this to our GLBT talk.  Most GLBT students hid from society because they are scared of being accepted.  Well believe it or not they aren’t the only ones.  We still have issues with race, and even gender in 2011.  Her second point talked about this.  She had asked why we even need something to tell us what is right and just.  This is just perfect because it doesn’t just relate to women, but to race, and sexual orientation as well.  Why can’t gay/lesbians get married? Why can’t women be the CEO of most companies? It’s because for a long time these ideas weren’t present in society so it is taking longer for everyone to catch up and be equal to others.  One of the last things she says is that it can’t be done by just women.  It is going to take both boys and girls together in order to overcome this battle.  Just like it will take whites and blacks and Asians and whoever to solve the race issue. 
It is the saddest thing to watch when you see someone with a talent so exceptional but they can’t do anything with it.  Can anyone imagine if someone told Michael Phelps that he couldn’t be an athlete? No, because then who would hold records for getting the most gold medals at one Olympics. What about Kobe Bryant or Aaron Hernandez? All these men had the chance to exceed at their talent, so why is there an amendment to make sure the Dot Richardson and other women like her could do the same?  The very last thing she said was if you could inspire just one person, then your life is worthwhile.  If we all work together to make sure the next generation is accepting and willing to go beyond the norm, then we won’t see these sort of issue that need the law to step in and tell us what is right and wrong.  We will just know!

The last thing I found, even though it is not up to date, is a chart that I thought was good.
HS Athletic Participation
It shows the increse is women being involved in high school sports.  The dramatic increse over the years is a great sign and hopefully increases even more over the next years.  Maybe it already has as this is from a few years ago.  Still good in my opinion, very eye opening.

This assignment hit very close to me because of me being involved in sports, I have some stories I could share with class about Title IX impacting my own life. I hope everyone understands that there are issues that affect everyone in some way or another so we aren't alone in being excluded from the "perfect" society we think exists.

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  1. I really liked your blog you truly had a lot of good information on it. You clearly showed what title nine was then had the other video right after it. Then the thing that i liked the most was the graph that you had showing the participation of both males and females in highschool sports in the pre and post title nine era